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Please check the rain out hotline numbers at the right side of this page for the word directly from the various Parks and Rec departments if you're not sure whether your game is postponed. The hotlines are typically updated between 2:00-3:00 each day.

Games may be postponed either if it's raining at the field at game time, or if there was heavy rain the night before making the grass too soggy to play on. If there is any expectation of lightning games are postponed.

If the field is not soaked, and there is light drizzle, the best course of action is to come out for the game and see if it's still on - you do not want to assume it will be postponed, only to have the sky clear up at 5:55 and have your team forfeit for lack of players.

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End Of Season Tournament Schedule


Below is the schedule and results for the end of season Peninsula Softball League Tournament. Note the higher seeded team is always the home team no matter where the game is played. The draw is a standard 16 team single elimination draw with no re-seeding after each round (ala the NCAAs and the NBA).


Seeds: 1) San Carlos 1 2) Burlingame Stealth 3) Foster City Riptide 4) San Carlos 2 5) Millbrae SWAT 6) Millbrae Average Joe’s 7) Redwood City Inferno 8) San Mateo Eagles

Saturday, May 8 Quarterfinals

1:00pm Ray Park 1 – Burlingame Stealth 5 Redwood City Inferno 1
1:00pm Woodside High – Foster City Riptide 14 Millbrae Average Joe’s 1
1:00pm Lomita – Millbrae SWAT 12 San Carlos2 2
3:00pm Hopkins – San Carlos1 10 San Mateo Eagles 0

Tuesday, May 11 Semifinals

6:00pm Sea Could 2 - San Carlos1 2 Millbrae SWAT 1
6:00pm Ray Park 1 - Foster City Riptide 5 Burlingame Stealth 3

Saturday, May 15 Championship - San Carlos 1 vs. Foster City Riptide

3:00pm Hopkins


Seeds: 1) Belmont Fury 2) Belmont Purple Panthers 3) Burlingame Crush 4) Belmont Blitz 5) Millbrae Avengers 6) Burlingame Bears 7) Foster City Thunder (tie-breaker 2-1 competition) 8) Foster City Bandits

Saturday, May 9 Quarterfinals

11:00am BSC – Belmont Purple Panthers 10 Foster City Thunder 7
11:00am Lomita – Belmont Blitz 4 Millbrae Avengers 1
11:00am Ray Park 1 – Burlingame Crush 7 Burlingame Bears 1
12:00pm Sea Cloud 1 – Belmont Fury 12 Foster City Bandits 2

Wednesday, May 13 Semifinals

6:00pm Ray Park 1 – Burlingame Crush 9 Belmont Purple Panthers 4
6:00pm Sea Cloud 2 – Belmont Blitz 5 Belmont Fury 3

Saturday, May 15 Championship

1:00pm BSC - Burlingame Crush vs. Belmont Blitz


Seeds: 1) Burlingame Demolition Crew 2) Belmont Blasters 3) Millbrae Lightning 4) Burlingame Wild Ones 5) Belmont Phantom 6) Burlingame Bulldogs 7) Burlingame Goofballs 8) Belmont Eclipse 9) Belmont Dynamite 10) Belmont Hot Tamales 11) Millbrae Red Hot Chili Peppers 12) Burlingame Green Xtreme

Saturday, May 8 First Round Games

9:00am Lomita – Burlingame Goofballs 10 Belmont Hot Tamales 4
9:00am McDougal? – Belmont Dynamite 6 Belmont Eclipse 5
10:00am Ray Park 2 – Burlingame Bulldogs 5 Millbrae Red Hot Chili Peppers 2
11:00am McDougal? – Belmont Phantom 10 Burlingame Green Xtreme 5

Monday, May 11 Quarterfinals

6:00pm McDougal? – Burlingame Wild Ones 5 Belmont Phantom 4

Tuesday, May 11 Quarterfinals

6:00pm Lomita – Millbrae Lightning 1 Burlingame Bulldogs 0
6:00pm McDougal? – Belmont Blasters 12 Burlingame Goofballs 5
6:00pm Ray Park 2 – Burlingame Demolition Crew 12 Belmont Dynamite 0

Thursday, May 13 Semifinals

6:00pm McDougal? - Belmont Blasters 3 Millbrae Lightning 1
6:00pm Ray Park 2 - Burlingame Demolition Crew 9 Burlingame Wild Ones 0

Saturday, May 16 Championship

11:00am Ray Park 2 - Burlingame Demolition Crew vs. Belmont Blasters

Peninsula Softball League Teams Dominate 2009 NorCal ASA Championships


All-star teams representing Peninsula Softball League member leagues and teams recently won all three 2009 Nor Cal championships for all-star teams.

The Burlingame Flames 10U team made up all-stars representing Burlingame Girls Softball won the 10U championship.

The Belmont Blast 12U team representing the Belmont Redwood Shores Youth Softball Association won the 12U championship.

The San Carlos Force Grey 14U team representing the San Carlos Youth Softball Association won the 14U championship. Second place went to the San Carlos Force Black while third place went to the Burlingame Flames.

The results demonstrate that the best girls softball in northern California is played in the Peninsula Softball League.

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